FLOWERWORK: the RM fanlisting

shine across that sky...

환영합니다! Welcome to the TFL.Org-approved fanlisting for the multifaceted, self-made, and highly talented artist, leader of K-pop idol supergroup BTS, Kim Namjoon -- better known to the world RM. Having been ARMY since 2016, RM has been my bias in Bangtan since the very beginning of my experience with those seven wonderful men; his music, artistry, clever and thoughtful personality (with a soft streak a mile wide!), weakness for cute things, and ability to face himself and learn to love himself have made me love him -- and not to pull out that old cliché, but Namjoon's music really has saved my life, so I am absolutely honoured to run his fanlisting. If you're also a fan of RM, won't you add your name to the list?


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aromatic // wild indigo

You are viewing version 1 of Flowerwork, in indigo, using official photography from RM's debut solo album and third major solo release, Indigo, and "Untitled No. 1-2", one of the man in question's very own cyanotypes included in the album artwork. This layout should be viewable and readable on screens of every size, but if displays oddly for you, please feel free to email me and let me know, and I'll get right onto fixing it.

Flowerwork is very much a work-in-progress and under open construction; I do plan for it to be a small repository of all my Namjoon-centric thoughts and opinions, so please look forward to it ♥